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Get paid for sending your customers to our website.

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Our Program pays you a percentage* for all payments made to us, Also unlike some programs that require immediate purchase, we use a 3 month cookie, meaning if any referred client purchases within 3 months of visiting our website, your affiliate account will get credit.

Do the math and you will see how you can build a sizable, passive income for yourself.


Our program allows you to build passive income similar to having your own hosting business, all without the hassle.

90 Day Cookie

When someone clicks your referral link, our tracking system sets a cookie that is valid for 90 days. This means if someone doesn’t signup right away, you still have up to three months for them to setup their account, and you’ll still get credit.

Earning with Consistency

Take advantage if you are an affiliate who can bring customers with consistency.

Dedicated Affiliate Support

 Dedicated account managers and resources to make sure you earn high commission regularly.

How does the referral program work?

1. Sign Up

Our web hosting affiliate program takes less than one minute to join and is absolutely free.

2. Promote

You place a banner or a clickable link on your website, social network profiles or other media channels, promoting Cloudingdots’s services across your audience.

3. Earn

Once your referral uses your link and makes a valid purchase, you’ll earn your affiliate commission. It’s that easy.



If you’re a large social media influencer with 100,000 or more followers, we’d love to help you increase your revenue
and develop a long-lasting partnership. Please reach out to see if you qualify.