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WordPress is a highly useful CMS tool that not only allows you to create websites but also helps you manage and update your content. However, creating a website can be highly overwhelming, especially for newbies who aren’t coding languages and website building. With that said, should this hold back beginners from delving into the realms of WordPress? Let’s find out! 

WordPress is designed for non-technical beginners and is extremely easy to learn, making it ideal for newbies. It is a powerful tool that allows anyone to build their professional site without hiring a developer or spending thousands of dollars.

Nevertheless, getting used to the tool’s features without prior coding background might take some time.

You can also learn WordPress quickly through free tutorials on the internet. If you are still confused, do not worry, as our article will provide you with all the information you need to start using WordPress flawlessly as a beginner.

Is WordPress Difficult For Beginners?

WordPress is designed for newbies without computer science knowledge, so they can easily create, design, and manage their websites. Unlike HTML, you will not have to do coding here, as WordPress will do it for you. However, you’ll probably need to take a few lessons to familiarize yourself with all of its features. 

With that said, you might find it hard to develop a complex website that calls for several plugins or a sophisticated theme on WordPress. Still, WordPress is relatively simpler in comparison to other CMS platforms. 

Make WordPress Easier To Use

WordPress can be intimidating for first-time users, but there are several tactics you can apply to make it much easier to use. The following methods will assist beginners in navigating the WordPress process more efficiently:

Download A Light Theme

A theme crammed with numerous features will slow down your page in addition to being difficult to customize. It is recommended to use reputable and lightweight themes with simpler designs, like Neve or Astra, which are typically simpler to modify.

These two, in particular, allow you to import already constructed starting sites and easily replace the empty material with your own.

Use Less Plugins

Your site’s speed and security will suffer if your dashboard is overloaded with plugins. Plus, plugins are difficult to use for beginners. Hence, removing and deleting any plugins you do not need to use is advisable. 

Watch Free Tutorials

Watching free tutorials before using WordPress can save you from having to figure everything out on your own. Fortunately, many free resources, such as WordPress Codex and SkillJet Academy, can help you on your path as a newbie using WordPress. 

You can also find several websites and YouTube channels devoted to making WordPress simpler for you. Alternatively, you can post a query on the WordPress support forum to clear out any confusion you have.

Use A Page Builder Plugin

Since most plugins are challenging to learn and are time-consuming, you should opt for a page builder plugin like Elementor. These plugins are simple to use and do not require intensive knowledge of WordPress, ensuring that you create your website easily as a beginner.

Additionally, the plugin can make it simpler to add different parts and view your modifications in real-time as you develop your website.

Learn WordPress For Free

The following free learning resources will teach you the basics of WordPress so you can easily use it to create your website:

WordPress Codex

Since WordPress Codex is the official digital handbook for the software and is maintained by, it’s one of the top places to get free information on.

The pages provide in-depth information on the features and problems of this CMS and are assembled by WordPress developers. The unique feature of this tool is that you can discuss any feature of the website on its repository, ensuring that beginners are left with no confusion.

WordPress TV

If you struggle to understand articles, WordPress TV is the solution to your problem. WordPress TV is a free service owned by, like WordPress Codex. WordPress TV offers video tutorials that are simple enough for total newbies to learn. It includes many subjects, from the latest news about web designing to simple WordPress administration tips.

Visitors who do not understand English clearly can also utilize this service, as WordPress TV has captions and translations for the videos.


Hostinger offers a complete guide on how to use WordPress for newbies. You can begin with anything web-related using its free and accessible lessons. It provides a comprehensive section on WordPress, which is ideal for those who wish to learn everything there is to know about this CMS.

You can learn about standard web development techniques, such as beginning a blog, making a webpage in only ten minutes, and transferring a web domain to a different web host.


WPKube is a blog created to provide individuals with essential information on WordPress. The whole educational collection is available to the public for free. Users must search the various categories to locate and learn what they’re looking for.

The most effective approach to using WPKube is to subscribe to its newsletter using your email address. This way, you’ll be able to follow the new WordPress trends and be informed about the new course content.

Other Resources

YouTube can be beneficial when learning about WordPress. Darrel Wilson is a content creator on YouTube who posts free WordPress tutorials, among other things. Darrel’s blog entries and video lessons are thorough and filled with helpful advice, making them an excellent choice for novices.

He has spoken on various WordPress-related subjects, including eCommerce, online marketing, plugins, hosting services, and content creation. You can also buy guides that will help you understand the basics of WordPress, like WordPress For Dummies. VS.

It is not uncommon for beginners to confuse and Although they may seem similar, there are actually many differences between them. provides you with a service that helps you in building your website using the WordPress software with managed hosting. However, is the place you’ll download the WordPress software itself and use it to build and maintain your website on your own.
Not free of costFree of cost(Open source)
Option to customize restricted by a paywallNo restriction on customizability 
Don’t have to worry about hostingNeed a hosting provider


Can I Make Money Through WordPress?

Yes; the most popular strategy is to run ads through services like Google Adsense.

Additionally, you might directly offer ad space for the money.

You may also earn money by opening an online business, offering specialized services, producing content, establishing a subscription, or conducting online courses.

Can I Insert Tweets In My WordPress Editor?

WordPress has a plethora of different features allowing you to insert YouTube videos, Reddit posts, and even tweets from Twitter. Type “<twitter>” in your WordPress editor and press enter to choose the Tweet embedding option. Now all you need to do is insert the link of the tweet and press enter to embed it in your WordPress blog. 

How To Upload Pictures On WordPress?

You can upload multimedia content to your blog in several different ways. The initial step is to go directly to Media and then Add New. Unfortunately, this won’t directly show the media file on a particular post or page; it will simply submit it to your online portfolio. Additionally, you can use Gutenberg, WordPress’ inbuilt rich text editor, to upload the required material.

Final Thoughts

WordPress might appear to be a daunting program to understand, but it is designed while keeping beginners in mind. Through this tool, you can quickly create a new website without coding and can manage the content on your site easily. Nevertheless you will encounter specific challenges as a beginner, but you can overcome them using free online learning resources like YouTube, WPKube, and WordPress Codex.